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Design? What is design - it's a far reaching memory...

As a child I watched fascinated as my father painted. It is from him that I inherited this passion. Officially, my father was a building construction manager because his mother, my grandmother, discouraged his artistic leanings. However, he actually never did give up his painting and sculpting. So much so that every free moment of our family life was right for picking up pencil and pencil to draw a piece of furniture or a trinket/bauble/jewel/an ornament for my mother or for our country home.

From him I learned what design is all about and the philosophy behind this type of artistic expression: design expresses form and form is the basis of everything including life itself. Without form there is no life, without life there is no expression, without expression there is no design and without design man cannot express beauty and ceases to exist.

Since it is difficult to imagine that art guarantees sustenance, I too, at an early stage was directed towards the most diverse objectives - attending first the Scientific Lyceum (Science & Maths studies) and then Medicine at Pavia University. My academic studies although progressing satisfactorily came to a halt after a couple of years caused by a crisis brought on by the necessity to shake off the limits imposed by books and to give free rein to creativity and my ideas. It was then that I decided to close with formal education. I carried out the 12 month obligatory National Service in the Alpine Artillery in Vitipeno - a tough year but rewarding too for human experiences. It was here that I met by future business partner, a goldsmith with whom, on my return, we founded my present jewellery business.

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