After a brief experience at the Faculty of Medicine in Pavia University, Antonio Bonfiglio discovered that his true vocation lay elsewhere when he felt the urge to firmly express the artistic vocation inherited from his father. There followed his experimentation in design and, on the opening of his own business, Antonio Bonfiglio S.r.l, was awarded business by big names in the fashion business such as Lorenzo Riva and Gattinoni.


Activity in the domain of jewellery and watch-making

Founded by himself in 1987, Antonio is the sole owner of ANTONIO BONFIGLIO S.r.l. active in the production and sale of jewellery and watches. The basis for his art and work lies in the idea that the concept of line as the expression of a soul and essence perceivable to recognizeable by the observer. More recently Antonio Bonfiglio has extended his concept to other types of his artistic production, expanding his activity while expressing the concept in other fields of design.

The line, therefore is a means of defining soul and essence, of ex pressing a personality. For this reason occasionally his creations are invented by the those who will eventually wear them. Bonfiglio has created for, amongst others, Manuela Arcuri and Robert De Niro. Other items of his collection have been worn by ladies and models from the fashion world such as the mannequin Luciana Francaroli, Tv presenter Emanuela Folliero, Miss Italia Eleonora Pedron and show-girl Justine Mattera.

Stylists such as Lorenzo Riva and Gattinoni have had jewellery created by Antonio Bonfiglio to reflect the theme of a particular collection.
In the course of his activity, Antonio Bonfiglio has had the honour of exhibiting his creations at two personal showings held in the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan.
He was also engaged as consultant for sales campaigns (Silica Glass and Diamante 221) which opened the road to further business, for example with Flavio Briatore for whom A.B. contributed in the creation of the Night-Tight watch.

His activity in watch design has brought him business with SUOMY Helmets S.p.A., MOTO GUZZI S.p.A. (PIAGGIO Group S.p.A.) and Vespa (PIAGGIO Group S.p.A.) companies for which he created crono-watches and only time watches .


Professional Participation in the design sector/non-jewellery sector

In the world of web design, AB designed websites for the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Group of Bellagio, Grand Hotel Villa D’Este, the Provincial Tourist Promotion Agency of Como, Villa Monastero (Congressional Centre for Physics associated to CNR Rome), Villa Greppi (Study Centre associated to Università Cattolica Milan), WOODEN CHARME (luxury furniture for Valentini Mobili/Furniture Company) and HS (luxury furniture for Valentini ecc).

The following design and projects are also worthy of mention: creation of the official trophy for the Vivisalute Association, design for the kite-board for Groove Kiteboards; packaging for high-class cosmetics on behalf of Proctor and Gamble China, logos and packaging for Pasticceria Svizzera (Qui Group Italia), design and website of the Association Orafi and Designers (Goldsmiths and Designers) of which AB is founder - established for the promotion and recognition of design and creativity in the jewellery design business as well as to stimulate research and to attract new talent (the presentation and press release is scheduled for Spring 2011).

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